Never tell people the truth about yourself

They will assume you’re of a certain caste and not see your potential. Rats stuck in a rat race will always either resent you for not working as much as they do or they’ll want to abuse your time because they think it’s worthless to you but valuable to them when they want to abuse it.

I can assure you my bank balance is bigger than most of my abusers. But this is going to stop now. I am going into God mode. You want to talk ? Stand in line . I don’t need to talk , you do. And fuck off while you’re at it. Asholes every last one of you who think my time is worthless to me. Get a life , preferably not someone else… I mean YOUR OWN LIFE make it count for something instead of wasting my time and then assuming I want to waste yours when I just call for something small.

I recently showed someone how to save 5000 rand a month on his website and how to secure it for https protocol. It took me 10 years to learn how to do what I do and he just walked out of here with all the information. Asshole . Doos. Can’t stand the devil.

He uses people who are useless to get to me. People who have nothing to offer except for their anxiety. I am so done with them.

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