Work work work

I was recently made the chairman of a complex. I was confronted on day one with a wall that was falling onto a parking space. I had to act quickly. So I demolished the wall. My neighbor wanted to build the wall again. I have a sneaky suspicion that he wanted the wall built because he wants to hide his trailor away behind it again.I was contacted again because the energiser of the alarm malfunctioned. The same neighbor who wants the wall built said that we need to replace the energiser.. I went to investigate what was going on and discovered that it was fixed by combining circuits for zone one and zone two. I decided not to replace the energiser.Why am I telling you all this? I am tired of being distracted by people. I need to get to the business of God. I am called to create rebels for God. People who would go against the ways of this world. People who would love and not hate..Too many distractions. I rebuilt a kitchen and painted a flat. It has to be done. And I will benefit from it but I feel like I am being kept busy with earthly things.

Lifes ups and downs

In life we should learn early on who we are. Take the time out to find out what our talents are. We don’t usually want to accept who God made us to be. Why? Because we care too much what people think of us. I was told to study PR. Never did. But if I think about it all I’ve ever done really well is create good impressions. Help people out of their messes by creating a good impression for them. Whether it’s by helping them with a school assignment or helping them out of a bind because of what they’ve done. The work of an advocate in some sense. But we have an advocate with the father. Jesus Christ the righteous. So to come to think of it I was Christ like defending and promoting people, processes and situations.

I am in a cue at the Centurion municipality and I’ve got nothing else to do. So I thought I would write something on my blog. Perhaps one day I’ll call it a Vlog. Would be nice, if certain people would stop interfering with how I do things..

I have noticed that when I tell people about my news network that they want to join. I don’t have the mental capacity to add and track a deciple at the moment. But wouldn’t it be great to have people on board who would look for testimonies and use their cameras for good. Why must it always be about money. People should want to blog without compensation.

Still waiting to be served.

Entered photography Contest again

I decided to entered a phogography contest in gurushots again. Brilliant.. I got to all star again for the challenge of flying. I’ve entered these photos before except for the helicopter one. Nice to be acknowledged again.

The Bridge Church Celebration

I posted this on but I’ll post it here again. It’s been such a mission to get this network off the ground. Sometimes I think I am crazy because I slog away at it almost like someone who’s possessed. Perhaps subconsciously I have a need to succeed that I should deal with but none the less sometimes I enjoy looking at the spaghetti I’ve created. I just wonder how relevant is it in the world today ? Does anyone even care because everyone can do this. I mean everyone has a facebook account or a youtube account . People are buying micophones left right and center and everyone wants to be heard. People are addicted to popularity. They want their five seconds of fame I suppose.

Anyway.. I’ve always believed I’d make a good DJ. So as one who enjoys passing on the vibe enjoy this video.

You might want to check out just to see how the network is doing. This was a social event and we’re having a good time. I walked around with a Xiami Redmi 4a. It costs 1800 rand. I want to show that it doesn’t matter what equipment you have you can still be part of this network. Cost is minimal.


Prophetic Art

I was in a craft shop the other day. They had some lose letters laying about. So I bought some. I brought them home and remembered I had some spray paint I could use on them. I duly sprayed them satin black and pasted them on a wall which leads to the computer room. Above it I placed the graphite sketch someone had me prophetically in what was called a ” prophetic art class “. I always used to talk about making a TV station where all they spoke about is good news and all they were about is creating good news. To build people’s trust in God up. So one day this guy came up to me and said ‘ I don’t know why but God says this is for you ‘ and He gave me the light house on the rocks. I thought ‘ God, are you telling me to build you a TV station? ‘ and this is when I created my first blog on blogspot called later on I developed I decided to host blogs under a new name under which you can still find This is how the logo turned out.

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