Be an original

Sometimes we just have to remember who we are. It doesn’t help to wonder who we could have been. Or who someone else sees us as. I know who I am and the fact that I don’t verbalize it all the time does not qualify me as stupid. I think people would be surprised to know what occupies my mind most of the time. And perhaps some day they’ll have the opportunity to find out. I don’t appreciate people who think and act in a way that suggests that others around them are just plain stupid waiting for their need to issue an order. Such people would call themselves ‘leaders’ when in actual fact all they are is arrogant and ignorant. We don’t need your orders and we don’t appreciate your insecurity. ¬†Every person they perceive as a loser that surrounds them is indicative of their own inability to see the magnificence of every person given by God as a gift to us. Just because someone can not calculate the shortest path to victory does not make them stupid. It in fact could be because of their intelligence that they don’t arrive at the ‘correct’ answer as quickly as you do because they consider more factors than you do. But you’re too busy judging and assuming to understand how they operate. And just because their views are not mainstream does not even less make them psycho.original The only psycho in the room is you because you embrace a lifestyle that kills people without knowing it. Wake up and smell your burned flesh melting as you consider everyone else to be a loser while you embrace your plastic surgery and need to dominate. One day soon everything you stand for is going to come crashing down around you as you wonder how it all got to be so. Your moral compass is off !

The ‘designers ‘ of the world are idiots pandering to their built in need to be accepted. Everything they do is designed to make you waste money faster. It’s designed to make you feel ‘out’ just as soon as they change what their latest idea of being ‘in ‘ is. The fact that you can be so stupid as to buy jeans with holes in them already means you’ve seriously got some messed up values. Who spends good money on jeans that are already used in order to feel ‘ in ‘ ? The joke is on you and the designers and bankers are laughing at you. Just look at what they wear when you’re not looking. It certainly isn’t ‘stone washed’ or sand blasted clothing. Oh no, but you’re so cool . You’re a ‘leader’. You’re nothing but a puppet to them.

The real value lies in seeing your own value apart from the worlds need for you to conform to their thinking. Why not trend something unique and bear the brunt of their scolding. It won’t be long before someone imitates you. Because this is the real need people have. They’re looking for someone to follow.

Be an original version of yourself and not a copy of someone else. Take some time to decide who it is you want to be.

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