Long time no post !

Hi People ,

I’ve been bogged down with many little foxes. Some of them have taken allot of my time and made me very frustrated. I have overcome ! Yes ! My car had to be be practically rebuilt. It started with the humble carburetor and ended with the right fender being dinged . I replaced shock absorbers and mountings , control arm bushes and rack and pinion.  And then last week the unthinkable happened. My core i7 dream machine decided it was going to break . It’s just been one heck of a ride but now it’s over. And I’ll be able to focus more on the network. I just need to deal with some unruly neighbors and things and then I’ll be able to function better. I guess I should say that I need to win some neighbors over to my way of thinking because I don’t quite think that fighting with them will help , even if their actions are intended to make me feel less worthy.

So expect some more good news and growth next year . In December things will slow down considerably. I’ll still try to blog once or twice and remember to keep grace.nikipress.com running. It’s like so much work to keep it all working. You get bloggers, and then you get super bloggers and then you get me, the king of bloggers. haha ! It’s quite funny.. sorry private joke. Keep visiting and expecting great things to happen.


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