Work work work

I was recently made the chairman of a complex. I was confronted on day one with a wall that was falling onto a parking space. I had to act quickly. So I demolished the wall. My neighbor wanted to build the wall again. I have a sneaky suspicion that he wanted the wall built because he wants to hide his trailor away behind it again.I was contacted again because the energiser of the alarm malfunctioned. The same neighbor who wants the wall built said that we need to replace the energiser.. I went to investigate what was going on and discovered that it was fixed by combining circuits for zone one and zone two. I decided not to replace the energiser.Why am I telling you all this? I am tired of being distracted by people. I need to get to the business of God. I am called to create rebels for God. People who would go against the ways of this world. People who would love and not hate..Too many distractions. I rebuilt a kitchen and painted a flat. It has to be done. And I will benefit from it but I feel like I am being kept busy with earthly things.


I haven’t been busy on the network for a while now. I am busy revamping a kitchen. Trying to get my life sorted and organized. I have been watching some youtube videos and thinking to myself , why am I not making any content ? Just so busy.

I turned 48 the other day. didn’t really do anything special. Just built kitchen cupboards. I’d love to create some content but why does it feel like I am not in the right space to do it right now ? I remember the last thing my dad told me was that it was good that I bought a microphone for my camera. I would love to honor my dad and create some content but when will that be ?

I have to move a whole house from one location to another. And then think about everything I am trying to achieve . I just want to have fun and help the world doing it.

Anyway.. enough said… over and out.

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