The Monthly Rant !

Wouldn’t it be great if people actually paid to hear some good news and humor ? But no , I have figured it out. People love to compare themselves to others because of their legalistic mind sets. They think if they can get exactly what they want they’ll be acceptable to their neighbors.rantimage_lrg

If someone experiences a loss they’re secretly happy in the deep dark recesses of their minds because they are that one step ahead of them. Sick !

They complain about everything and never experience any good in life despite all their deceitful lying to those who see their perfectly plucked eye brows. No body cares except you , trust me. It’s all in your head. And yet you persist in seeking out bad news in everything you see. It’s the devil you say, No ! It’s you ! take responsibility for your futile thinking.

There are no demons in buildings or paintings. You’re the demon walking around telling everyone you see how evil the world is. There is nothing beautiful left in your head because you’ve polluted it with your religious views which have only served to create and fuel wars in the past. Well congratulations. clap clap clap….you’re going nowhere slowly and you’re dragging everyone down with you in the name of Love. pathetic..and people actually listen to you.

The best is yet to come

good things to come

Watch out for new organisations and people joining this network. I have such a good feeling about this. The only place from here is up. I don’t see any other direction to move in.

Today I showed a waiter the network and he said that he has a sister connected to a very large church . It’s too soon to mention but I do believe in miracles. And I do believe this network is destined for greatness. It’s all I have left to live for. And wow what a life !

good things to comeI just get so excited when I think of the word. All the testimonies and all the possibilities. I can barely contain myself !

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