48 – 73 = 25

Here’s the thing. If I take when my father passed on , and I take my age , I don’t have much time left to do anything. I’ve wasted allot of time. When I was 30 I said that when I am 40 I wanted to be in front of audiences. I’ve only spoken at funerals. Never had an opportunity to relay anything . To the point that I feel that I used to have a ton to say , and now ? , I feel like I have nothing to say. I’ve been oppressed and lied to. I have a vision. Perhaps I should start small. But I need opportunity. I feel like circumstances aren’t working with me. In the meantime, I see great strides from the younger folk. They are embracing social media like pro’s and I am sitting here with any and all responsibility. 25 years is all I got . I need to embrace it and make it work for me , not I for it. 

I’ve learned allot about multisites and blogging since I’ve started. I haven’t quite figured out advertising yet. There are a few legal loopholes I need to jump through before that ever takes effect. Oh Oh Oh ! Wait.. let me tell you what I’ve found. It’s PDFdrive.com. Where you can download text books for free. So I put in PR books. And I found a ton of text books to download. I wanted to see what I missed out on when I didn’t follow the direction I was told to follow when I did my aptitude tests in high school . Net result ? I have downloaded 9 text books. I worked out that if I have to read 4 pages a day it’ll take me 2 years to read all of them. So that’s what I am going to do. A kind of self imposed degree. I just want to see what I missed out on. Luckily for me , I don’t need to write any exams to get a qualification because the degree I have is already an overkill for PR.

I have also been reading bible. I bought a cheap bible to mark text in . I think it’s better to have a cheap bible. I can’t bring myself to write in an expensive bible.

I feel like I am writing an exam , called life. And I am failing because time is almost up. I remember in School I could never finish an exam in the allotted time.


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