We live in a sad world

This is one of the guys that I find very funny in the way that he analyses the world. Today facebook banned him. Isn’t it strange how the net seems to be slowly being hauled in. We aren’t allowed to express ourselves anymore. A sad day for journalism. It makes me wonder if I am wasting my time with this network. It’s a good news network. I can’t see how government won’t like it. NOT. But at any rate there is no place to hide anymore.

Watch this.

Whining Competition

Gosh my brain is so sore from this competition stuff. I entered allot of photos in many contests and my head got sore from all the voting. I am beginning to wonder about this contest stuff. If I don’t vote they don’t expose my stuff. And if you want your stuff exposed you have to pay. There has to be money making somewhere.

I entered a photo that I thought looked black and white. Some people complained . So I just black and whited it. People can be so petty.

Saturday Evening 

Last night I spent the evening in Sunny side Pretoria ministering the word and singing to the passers by.  Even stood up on a column to make a point.  Here are some photos of the guys who were with me,  George ,  Fabrice,  Nico,  Nicole and some others.  Praise be to God.  A Muslim and Hindu even offered to being 30 loves next week!


Next week’s work

Next week I am targeting the wonderboom airport for some copies of the Gospel of John. Hope they some...


I’ve been asked by a friend if he could post sermons onto my website. I decided not to make nikipress about preaching. It was never meant to be about preaching but to showcase God and how he can be trusted to do for us what we can’t do for ourselves. So I created a new entity called bodypreach.com.

It’s a place where the Body of Christ can collectively preach the word of God in one domain. I am still designing it but it looks like a winner. People say they like the name. bodypreach

I hope and pray that my health and my ability is anointed as I try to bring this on it’s feet. There is just too much to do.

I am currently , as always suffering with a pain on the right hand side of my head. But when I think of the waiter I met the other day who’s gay , doesn’t know the Lord and is addicted to heroine I can say that I am blessed to be plagued with less problems. Being sick isn’t nice but being addicted to heroine is worse.

Nikipress is for news and bodypreach is for preaching. Then there’s nikibase as well. I don’t know where this will all end. I am resisting the facebook welcome mat. Vision requires dedication and perseverance . I sometimes wonder if God really told me to do this. But when I look at the lighthouse in the frame I say ‘ it must have been God ‘ . I’ve never seen the guy who gave me the lighthouse ever again and never since before that day. I wonder if he knows just how much work he’s made me do.

Anyway, bodypreach..YaY !

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