Lauren Southern is one of Canada’s modern day heroes, and just released an important documentary. I just watched Tim Pool’s video where he explains how Lauren’s video was not working at her premiere, and then was hidden by YouTube, and how the notifications didn’t work for the video. I’m posting Lauren’s video on my channel so people have an opportunity to see it if it does not appear in her video feed. Please share.

From Lauren Southern Herself :
 ” Let’s try this again… After six months on the ground I’m thrilled to present #Borderless, the biggest & most comprehensive documentary ever made on the European border crisis. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has made this possible & am so proud to release the movie totally free! It has been a long, painstaking journey and I truly believe now, we have created something incredible that will help shine a light on such an important issue. I want to make sure as many people are able to see this as possible, so again, we have made Borderless completely free to watch. Please share this important documentary with your friends, your family and coworkers – you might be surprised! If you enjoyed the movie and would like to tip the creators we would appreciate that as there was no profit made. We understand not everyone can afford to give so any support is appreciated even if you just give us a kind review or share the movie. 🙂 “
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Major upgrade to nikipress servers

I’ve updated the nikipress servers. Just making the network able to handle the next 10 years of updates and upgrades as linux has reached the end of it’s current 14.04 upgrade and support abilities. Can’t express myself.. I feel exhausted. Here is a snapshot of how the upgrades in the themes look. I’ve changed the current wordpress multisite configuration to single site subdomain setups.

So here’s to another 10 years.

I’ve been contacted through the site by a muslim woman who wants to know more about Jesus. So this site definitely does reach the lost.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

We live in a sad world

This is one of the guys that I find very funny in the way that he analyses the world. Today facebook banned him. Isn’t it strange how the net seems to be slowly being hauled in. We aren’t allowed to express ourselves anymore. A sad day for journalism. It makes me wonder if I am wasting my time with this network. It’s a good news network. I can’t see how government won’t like it. NOT. But at any rate there is no place to hide anymore.

Watch this.

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