The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy

There is allot we can learn from this truth. Found in the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. We can draw inspiration from the testimony of Jesus in the new testament. Jesus died and he came back from the dead. This is indeed good news. When we consider all the implications of this we can consider the statement ” If God can do it for Him He can do it for me too ” . The inspiration we draw from the witness accounts of Jesus’s death burial and resurrection is the Spirit of Prophecy .

We lay aside the weight and the sin that so easily ensnares us and we look to Jesus for the resurrection and the life. In Him. Cause , really , when I look closely at Jesus’s death on the cross we will see that Jesus really died as me. He took the punishment for my sin as me and rose again as me. So when we have faith in Jesus Christ,it is really like having faith in something that God has already done on my behalf.

I am healed and seated with Christ in heavenly places !  This the reality of our being on earth. Live as though this has already been accomplished.

My God is awesome !

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