Preliminary Report on CANSA evening

We had an evening to raise funds for Cancer victims in the moot. I was there on hand and asked if I could take some photos for the cause. I ran about for 3 hours , without a flash because my batteries were flat. I wasn’t prepared. But here are some of the photos I managed to salvage using only my 24 mm lens.

This guy is really funny

None the less. He makes a compelling argument. I think it depends on what you’re going to use the camera for. If it’s to capture news , I don’t think you need a full frame sensor. If you want to do portraits with bokeh then buy a full frame body otherwise don’t worry about it. I think it’s a pitty that the camera companies don’t make lenses for cropped sensor bodies. They want people to buy the bulky camera’s for portrait work which cost more.

Breakthrough !

You know .. the older you get ..the less time you have for frustration. I have been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why my website doesn’t render properly on cell phones.  I have been clearing the cache for months now . Cache is something that stores some information of your website on someone’s device so that it will load faster next time they come to see it. I kept clearing the cache and then it would work a few times and then out of the blue it would go back to mobile theme. I was losing my marbles ! 

I just couldn’t figure it out. I struggled for months. Today I tried to add a friend of mine to the menu and the menu wouldn’t work . I had just had enough and so I removed the WT3Cache , a plugin of sorts , and installed WP SUPERCACHE plugin instead and vuala ! It works perfectly now ! I can change the menus of each site and I can see each site fully rendered without it looking all compact for cell phones and missing half the pictures. I feel like this is a milestone. Everything just runs smoother and it all looks so professional. I am happy again with my little old project website. It’s going to be a great place for photography , art and testimonies. All upbeat.. it’s coming together slowly and I am pleased.

Recent photos

What manipulating a photo can create. A friend of mine braaing at his house on his day off .

I guess the years are showing

Steady as she goes

My year old watch.

Becoming more active in photography

Becoming more active in photography. Recently I have been so frustrated. What else is news , so I used my saved photos on my hard drive to help distract me. I joined Gurushots a while ago and recently I joined National Geographic. I just uploaded photos for fun and tried to see how I fare in some contests.

I am surprised at how far I got with so little time invested in photography. Most of my equipment is make do and specials I saw for a bargain. I also recently got a scanner working again by embedding windows XP into my windows 7 operating system using virtualbox. So now I have a 19200 dpi scanner for negatives working again. I also managed to embed my flickr account into this blog. Anyway .. this is how I have fared so far in gurushots. I have managed to reach the rank of veteran.

I also entered some photos in national geographic to see if they’re worth anything and guess what ? ! I’ve received some favorites there by some guys. Just a dreamer is all I am . But it’s good to dream as long as you take some action along the way eh ?

I am still messing about with my scanner … but here’s what I managed to get out of a negative using bad lighting on the scanner and a program called rawtherapee. 


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