My ex from 6 years ago

” You need to learn some manners. No one likes you. You don’t dress well, talk well , behave well. You aren’t good enough for meĀ  ” was the message she kept sending me. Such a person is not to be entertained. I wasted 4 months of my life for nothing. Well not nothing. At least I know what I don’t want in a person now.

Nikipress Hits 100 000 views on Bitchute

Nikipress has hit 100 000 views on Bitchute. In this landscape of fear that’s not bad going. Especially when you’re not doing anything wrong. The uploads are gleaned off facebook or youtube and posted for fear that they’d be sensored . We shouldn’t live in a world where lies become the foundation of whatever new world they want to build. We need to counter this with the truth. They obviously want to reduce the worlds population. They don’t like channels that love people and want the best for them. They’re evil to the core. We’re up against the darkness with our backs to the wall. But this is a small victory and should be celebrated.

7 signs of a repentant abuser

When catching someone out with pornography you can and should expect these 7 signs showing how the betrayed spouse should expect. Not receiving emails for 7 months after a breakup. Total disrespect for boundaries. Total lying piece of donkey shit. They should be willing to take critical feedback. Compulsive compartmentalization and other interesting things you can find out by listening to this video.



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