Nikipress Statistics Go Ape

The stats on nikipress went ape last night for the first time since I created this site. I am pleased to see the server doing what it was designed to do. The site received 6000 hits in two days . Generally speaking ofcourse. I’ll place some statistics here .

The most visitors were from the USA. They’re concerned about the election results. Most of the visitors came from duckduckgo ..which just goes to show that people are ditching google. I was booted off facebook but my post managed to get 2000 referrals within facebook. So what good does it do to ban me from facebook ?

Pleased at the results of how the server is functioning.

New platforms needed.

I find myself posting video’s . We’re in a war of words. I don’t even know how safe it is to be so open about what I do. This is becoming a war on my identity and what I believe. I feel like we’re losing the war because people are so addicted to facebook , twitter and youtube. The mainstream of society don’t know anything different. As long as it’s free that is all they care about. What are we going to do ?
I have tried to find an avenue of expression but having a website doesn’t quite cut it because people aren’t going to leave the comfort of their platform to come view my webpage. But if someone would just make a search engine that works like facebook then we can each have our own websites , post what we want but all be linked on that search engine. Wish I knew more about web design .

We have and…but we need more. There is also Brighteon which I’ve joined but couldn’t care a less about. When we post on these platforms it seems like we’re preaching to the choir. We need our own conservative free platforms. The only way we’re going to get them is to pay for them. Free stuff always costs you something in the end.

The truth is going to come out but will it be too late ? I hear what they’re planning on doing to us and I cringe. I knew they would eventually back us into a corner.

Right on my Twitch Stream

Still wondering what this streaming thing is all about. I’ve been streaming for a couple months now. Just waiting for that breakthrough. Not quite connecting with my audience.

Today I sent out a mail chimp letter. Hopefully that’ll hit a home run. Not holding my breath.

I am streaming right now. I just would like it if I could explain my vision to people and see what they think. Would require many many many fans. Together we can change the world. A steady income would create good deeds and employment right around the world. This is my vision. A focused approach to streaming. Gather all those good news stories all over the world and pool them on

Still waiting for my usual follower Donnie_Lucifer. Great guy. Ok so how does this vision go ? Perhaps you can look at . So … what are people looking for ? I believe people are looking for someone they can trust to not lie to them and do what is best for everyone concerned. End corruption and psychopathy.


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