The dangers of linking your blog to your twitch feed

I use this blog as a kind of public diary. Words however can be very powerful. Especially when it comes to creating an impression of yourself in the minds of others. I myself , always like to say that I am IN CHRIST. But to the uninitiated they wouldn’t know what that means.

Today I was described by someone coming off anti-depressants as someone who has social issues. Issues ? If I am a watchman in the Kingdom I’ll come across as someone who has social issues. But I find this insulting in the flesh. They came over to my blog and must have read some of my personal struggles. Issues with past girlfriends and words spoken over me in my life. This is not a true picture of who I really am.

Does that person honestly think that creating a multi subdomain blogging site with limited help while I try to market it an easy task ? One can not create without any payment or recognition and still maintain normal interactions with people. It’s one or the other. It’s against my better nature to make my private thoughts known except for the readers benefit . Which is to realize that I too am a person with real struggles and issues but I don’t cower in a corner and give up on life. I fight forward.

Just tired of lately being seen as someone who has issues with his past. I don’t have a past. It’s been wiped clean. I don’t have issues with people who are ‘ In Christ ‘. My issues are with people who are outside of Him and don’t get Him. So , to this end , bear with me as I continue this process of exposing myself to the outside world in the hope that God through me In Christ will help them find hope in Him.

Just so tired of being around negativity. I am a perfectly happy individual on my own.

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