We need to wake up and unite.

I’ve managed to find a platform from which to live stream. I can do it from bittube.tv. If I build my own streaming service my viewers will need to get VLC media player and there are those who don’t know how to set this up. I am glad I found bittube.tv. I have started uploading videos there. People , we are facing something terrible. Something I’ve been warning you about for 20 years. Not specifically blog readers , my audience. Or my facebook followers. I thought that the best way was to follow the word but something in me also says we must expose the works of darkness.

People.. times are going to get so dark that you’re going to wish you were never born. I can’t stress how badly I wanted to create a following that would understand that we have to fight back. But no.. you’re dead and stupid.

Now you’re waking up but it’s too late. For me it’s too late. Doesn’t stop me from playing the violin while the titanic sinks. I hope there is a reprieve so I can lead many to the Lord and get us all on the right track. Time will tell. I think we need a healthy dose of THE FEAR OF GOD ! We’re allowing them to kill our crops ! We’re allowing them to poison our livestock and kill our farmers. Next they’re going to take our cars away. We’re stuffed. They’ve lied to you. Their plan is genocide . Their lies reach to the heavens.

Attacks on our food supply continue at all levels: New Zealand has blocked farmworkers from entering, leaving crops to rot. Biden advocates mandatory COVID19 testing for farms, processing plants, and grocery stores, ensuring more shutdown of the food supply. Vandals hang bolts from corn, ruining thousands of acres of silage and potentially killing thousands of cattle in a “willful, specific act to harm livestock.” A massive — and full — grain elevator in Marengo has burned to the ground. Christian breaks down the latest sabotage on our food supply chain.

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