You laugh at me because I am different

I laugh at you because you’re all the same.

So fun being different. It’s so freeing to be someone who has their own opinion. iI am someone who believes most of the news you watch is scripted. Go ahead , laugh at me , I don’t care , it’s you who’s living in a prison cell not me. You’re the one feeding on death not me.

Call me a nut ? because I won’t join the tribe ? You’re the nut for joining the tribe. If any of those tribes are outside of Christ , you’re involved with the mistake , not me. I don’t care about your family , your goals , dreams or visions because they’re all centered on self gratification. You mean nothing to me anyway , so why should I care what you think ?

At least I know that no matter what I do , I am loved and everything will turn out for good. Your society taboos are pathetic. Don’t do this , don’t do that. Dog eat dog , top of the greasy pole society. You’re so insecure and your need to feel in is the red flag in your life.

Move your point of observation to I am consciousness having an experience. Your mind deals with status. You’re all pathetic. It’s a trinket controlling you not you controlling the trinket.


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