I’ve been asked by a friend if he could post sermons onto my website. I decided not to make nikipress about preaching. It was never meant to be about preaching but to showcase God and how he can be trusted to do for us what we can’t do for ourselves. So I created a new entity called

It’s a place where the Body of Christ can collectively preach the word of God in one domain. I am still designing it but it looks like a winner. People say they like the name. bodypreach

I hope and pray that my health and my ability is anointed as I try to bring this on it’s feet. There is just too much to do.

I am currently , as always suffering with a pain on the right hand side of my head. But when I think of the waiter I met the other day who’s gay , doesn’t know the Lord and is addicted to heroine I can say that I am blessed to be plagued with less problems. Being sick isn’t nice but being addicted to heroine is worse.

Nikipress is for news and bodypreach is for preaching. Then there’s nikibase as well. I don’t know where this will all end. I am resisting the facebook welcome mat. Vision requires dedication and perseverance . I sometimes wonder if God really told me to do this. But when I look at the lighthouse in the frame I say ‘ it must have been God ‘ . I’ve never seen the guy who gave me the lighthouse ever again and never since before that day. I wonder if he knows just how much work he’s made me do.

Anyway, bodypreach..YaY !

Prophetic Art

I was in a craft shop the other day. They had some lose letters laying about. So I bought some. I brought them home and remembered I had some spray paint I could use on them. I duly sprayed them satin black and pasted them on a wall which leads to the computer room. Above it I placed the graphite sketch someone had me prophetically in what was called a ” prophetic art class “. I always used to talk about making a TV station where all they spoke about is good news and all they were about is creating good news. To build people’s trust in God up. So one day this guy came up to me and said ‘ I don’t know why but God says this is for you ‘ and He gave me the light house on the rocks. I thought ‘ God, are you telling me to build you a TV station? ‘ and this is when I created my first blog on blogspot called later on I developed I decided to host blogs under a new name under which you can still find This is how the logo turned out.

Grand Total !

Today I calculated how many views nikipress has had since I rebuilt it. Total ? 11267 views on alone. 891 views on . And 1204 on the The sum total of all views on the network is , *drum roll * 13362 views.Grand Total Which if you add it to the views of of 20608 views gives us a grand total of 30 970 views. This is really impressive. All things considered if we add that to the blogspot total of 1571 views we get to a grand grand total of 35 441 views. Not bad for a dream that I chip away at day in day out. Perhaps some day there’ll be views in the millions. To God Be the Glory ! Great things HE has done !

Forgive them for they know not what they do.

Ignoring me won’t make me go away. What kind of a world is it when you ask someone a question and they don’t answer you? What kind of a world is it when you bless someone and his response is to curse you. People can be so negative. And you know why?

Their motives are wrong. They are walking around with the Spirit of antichrist. Please don’t call yourself a Christian if you can’t say ‘ forgive them for they know not what they do ‘ . If your response to a blessing is to call someone names, you’re not a Christian. My prayer is that you find your salvation in Him. That you may know what the full dimensions of His love is. And that you’ll testify!

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