Thoughts to Character

The one thing we as Christians need is a Godly Character. How are we to develop this character ? Again.. Are you so foolish having begun in the Spirit that you are now going to be made perfect in the flesh. How do we remain in the Spirit ? Focus on the one mealie. The one truth. Read the word but through the lens of the Cross. love of God

See Jesus in the word. Focus on Christ ! We become who we behold. We will have a greated capacity to walk in the Spirit when we remain in His word. But His word isn’t complicated. It’s all about the Grace and Truth found in Jesus Christ. And His truth was made manifest on the Cross.

End of Sermon.

The One Mealie

Despite the efforts of the devil to demotivate me by putting people on my path that railed against me I know that I am not condemned. I have a natural optimism and sense of fun that no body can take away from me. I don’t care how super spiritual you think you are , you’re not on the right side of history by trying to tell me I am not saved. Telling me that I have a spirit a soul and a body and trying to convince me that I have to ‘ work ‘ on my soul is counter gospel. Jesus wouldn’t die to make it so hard for me to walk in His identity. But you , oh fool , are so far from salvation I take pity on you. If your soul didn’t get the message your Spirit wouldn’t have come alive. So your soul is saved together with your spirit when you get the revelation. Your spirit man isn’t separate from your soul. Jesus died to save your soul. And it isn’t a work in progress. It’s a fact. If you die to today , what are you going to tell Jesus when you get to heaven ? I can just see it -‘ Oh no wait.. I still haven’t worked on my soul enough ‘ Then you haven’t accepted what He did for you and you’ll be sent to a rather firey place. milie

People like you ; the one’s who preach emotional healing ; make me sick. You’re pathetic losers who want to cajole the victims in this world for your own glory. Jesus commandment was to go into all the world and make disciples of Him. Not to write your own copy written books and cd’s for your own glory and fame. It’s one simple truth. One mielie if you will. ( I was once told that all I see of the whole bible is one truth – a corn of maze – south african ‘ mealie ‘ ) And that’s all it is as far as I am concerned. One flippen mealie. One truth. Jesus died for your sins and rose again for your justification. A finished work. Now accept it. But Nooo…you’re too egotistical to accept it , you want to be able to tell your story..of how you went through all your history when you were in your mothers womb even. Rubbish ! I see no one in the new testament crawling up their family tree being delivered from blood line curses or their victimhood. People like you make me sick . I can just feel the Holy Spirit fire within me as I write this.

I am not condemned. Never was and never will be. I am not so foolish having begun in the Spirit that I am now going to be made perfect in my own flesh. I refuse to panel beat my old man. I am a new creation in Christ Jesus by grace through faith ! It’s good news you buffoon. It starts as good news and works itself out because of good news. Theophostics is nothing more than working out your own salvation. But how many times do you have to see that Jesus loves you for you to actually believe that He loves you unconditionally ? Just believe ! And no one having drunk old wine immediately desires the new for he says the old is better. What does this mean ? It means your desire to want to panel beat your old man is pathetic . It’s religious. It’s Arthur Burkey. Pathetic ! Its like those unbelieving Israelites who wondered in the desert for forty years never making the destination of the promised land.

If your father promised you a car tomorrow morning and gave you the keys. What do you need to do to receive the car ? Only believe it , go out and get it. What’s all this mindless working on your soul for ? Be transformed by the renewing of your mind is to get to the place where you simply believe otherwise why would the commandment be to enter into His Rest ? Never deviate from His Rest. I resent people who make others doubt their salvation. Who cause them to disect their behavior into OCD type compartments. Self absorbed , self monitoring selfish beasts. Focus on Jesus !.

I am naturally optimistic and I will fight the good fight of faith till the day I die. I will uproot every false doctrine and lie in the name of Jesus. I will not stand by and watch His body be lied to and never walk in victory. You are my enemy because you refuse to believe in Jesus and only Jesus. There is no Jesus plus Arthur Burke ministry or any other clown you can name. . There is only Faith in Jesus FINISHED work. The one Mealie.

How can you hear the gospel , start to believe and feel the bubbles in your stomach and then veer off to lies and false doctrines ? You are a body soul and a spirit my foot. You’re just you and that’s that. You’re either in or you’re out . Make your mind up.

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