The Knack

I have a knack. A knack of helping people in tight situations change their public image. And what have I been doing with my knack ? I’ve been handing it out for free. But no more will I do this service for free. People just ride you and when they’re happy they forget about you. My natural gift is PR. What am I doing with my gift ? I am burying it in the ground. I was told to study a BA communications in art degree. I thought ” I am not the artist in the family ” . Why would they tell me to go study art ? Obviously they saw something that I missed. It’s never too late to try and make a go of it. I have been told that I have a smart mouth. I can sell ice to eskimos.

So , starting this year , I aim to do some art lessons. Buy a new lens for my camera , and try to find my voice again. I know I’ve said allot on this blog about my life and what I should have and could have done. I also know that in Christ I get to be what my hearts desire is. But you have to take some steps toward it. Starting with art could lead to being on stage sharing the gospel. I am just tired of being weighed down by people not seeing me for who I am. I’ve realized I have no friends in this world. They don’t see me. If they did I’d not feel like I have to prove myself around them all the time. They’d just accept me. Bunch of idiots. They always get into the ‘ where does your money come from ? ‘ routine.

About 6 years ago I got a word from the pastor of my church. He said ” Nick , it’s time to stop looking in the rear view mirror of your life and start looking in the windscreen ” . I was very angry when he said it but it’s true. I joined that church because it connected me to the people in my high school. None of whom I’ve gained any benefit out of . In fact I’ve been downright disappointed by them. They value I placed on them was misplaced. Perhaps I was looking back after all. And even this whole ” I should have been a doctor thing ” is looking back. ” Or I should have studied PR ” … who cares. Point is.. I must just be happy and the little space God has carved out for me will materialize. And people will tell me what I should be. I’ve an idea it’s PR … Sharing the gospel is PR for God but God didn’t build us to have zero secular success. He also built us to succeed in the world.

Weather it’s giving advice to world leaders or just doing the odd painting , I have to find some certainty in my life.

Anyway , Happy New Year everyone.

I’ll try to post a few more interesting videos in the network this year. Spread it out.


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