I died 20 years ago

20 years ago I finally realised what it means to receive Jesus as my Lord and savior. I died and He came to live in me. But this is not hockus pokus.. Its the truth of His finished work that I embraced. I refused to go back to work because I realised that I have a new I indentity I don’t have to work for. So I was born again. I was so radical that my family, friends and doctors thought I had lost my mind. I was suffering from depression yes and a broken thyoid yes but there was a seed of hope planted at the same time. This new hope in His finished work kept me moving forward and anyone who dared stand in between me and Him has been crushed.. My exam is over. I don’t have to prove myself to Him or anyone anymore. I represent heaven on earth. Everytime I meet a new girlfriend she starts trying to fix me. Big mistake. I am dead. Immune to fixings. I am alive to God. Many people have failed to see who lives in me and have died\n or suffered terrible fates. I just realised again today ‘my exam is over’ and I have been found fit to serve and deliver His seed to a dying world. Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.. If you acknowledge me you acknowledge Him and if you acknowlege Him you acknowledge Him who sent Him. Basically if you acknowledge me you acknowledge God because I come in His name. If I then touch you, you should be healed.

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