New platforms needed.

I find myself posting video’s . We’re in a war of words. I don’t even know how safe it is to be so open about what I do. This is becoming a war on my identity and what I believe. I feel like we’re losing the war because people are so addicted to facebook , twitter and youtube. The mainstream of society don’t know anything different. As long as it’s free that is all they care about. What are we going to do ?
I have tried to find an avenue of expression but having a website doesn’t quite cut it because people aren’t going to leave the comfort of their platform to come view my webpage. But if someone would just make a search engine that works like facebook then we can each have our own websites , post what we want but all be linked on that search engine. Wish I knew more about web design .

We have and…but we need more. There is also Brighteon which I’ve joined but couldn’t care a less about. When we post on these platforms it seems like we’re preaching to the choir. We need our own conservative free platforms. The only way we’re going to get them is to pay for them. Free stuff always costs you something in the end.

The truth is going to come out but will it be too late ? I hear what they’re planning on doing to us and I cringe. I knew they would eventually back us into a corner.

Facebook Migration

Back in the 90’s I joined internet relay chat and made some fabulous friends. We had all sorts of fun with each other and we gathered together in what were called Chat Rooms. Each chat room had a moderator and would impose their will on the people who chatted . They handled complaints and kicked and banned people from the room who were misbehaving. The only problem with these rooms were that people have different beliefs and values. So naturally if the room couldn’t accommodate your point of view you’d leave feeling resentful and bitter and you would start your own room. You would then proceed to steal members from the room that offended you. And so the politics of chat was experienced by all.

When facebook arrived on the scene they sucked all the IRC chatters into their realm and accommodated any and all points of view except for pornography. But now they’ve gone too far. I’ve been around long enough to realize that this doesn’t bode well for facebook because the software to create a social network is easy to find. All one needs are a team of willing people to help you create it with a business model that works and members will start leaking out of facebook at a steady pace.

This very network , the Nikipress News Network was created because of an IRC spat. I created it in revenge for not having any place to share my views on Christ. There is more to the story than that. This is just part of the story. I was recently censored on facebook because I dared to actually have an opinion about Italians during world war two and of Turks currently. Read my previous post if you need to understand what the issues were . But now I am banned. So ? I’ve already found MEWE.COM where you can create your own account and drag your friends without having to experience the scensorship of Mr Zuckerberg . Facebook , your days are numbered. You’re nothing more than a hyper inflated IRC chat room with superiority issues.


Lauren Southern is one of Canada’s modern day heroes, and just released an important documentary. I just watched Tim Pool’s video where he explains how Lauren’s video was not working at her premiere, and then was hidden by YouTube, and how the notifications didn’t work for the video. I’m posting Lauren’s video on my channel so people have an opportunity to see it if it does not appear in her video feed. Please share.

From Lauren Southern Herself :
 ” Let’s try this again… After six months on the ground I’m thrilled to present #Borderless, the biggest & most comprehensive documentary ever made on the European border crisis. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has made this possible & am so proud to release the movie totally free! It has been a long, painstaking journey and I truly believe now, we have created something incredible that will help shine a light on such an important issue. I want to make sure as many people are able to see this as possible, so again, we have made Borderless completely free to watch. Please share this important documentary with your friends, your family and coworkers – you might be surprised! If you enjoyed the movie and would like to tip the creators we would appreciate that as there was no profit made. We understand not everyone can afford to give so any support is appreciated even if you just give us a kind review or share the movie. 🙂 “
Bitcoin Wallet: 1JLM6GJwaPdNv4dM8K5KkcFHeziXXXMGKT


Disrupted land documentary

My beloved South Africa. What have you become ? You’ve choked on the bitter pill of lies and un-forgiveness. Not for what was done to you but for what you believe was done to you. It never happened .

I just don’t want to hear of anyone’s sympathy anymore. If you do the right thing , they’ll screw you.


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