Getting Filled With All The Fullness Of God

I feel this is spot on from Joseph Prince

Ephesians 3:19
to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.

We would all like to experience more health, abundance and success in our lives. God, being God, has all of these things, won’t you agree? So to be full of God is to be full of health, abundance and success. But how does one become full of God? love of God

In the past, I was told that to be “filled with all the fullness of God”, I had to fast a certain number of days, pray a certain number of hours and speak in tongues incessantly! I am not belittling fasting, praying or speaking in tongues, but to be filled with all the fullness of God is not about what you do. It is not even about your love for Christ. It is actually about knowing the love of Christ! No one ever told me that if I knew how much God loves me and focused on His love for me, I would be full of Him.

When God made you, He designed you to run at optimal level when you are filled with His love, like a car that runs at its best when it is filled with the right kind of petrol or gasoline. When you realize how much God loves you and you feed on His love for you, you will be supernaturally filled with the fullness of God.

And to be full of God is to be full of everything God is to you and has for you. To be full of God is to come to a place of life, health, peace, abundance — total wellness.

Also, when you are conscious of how much God loves you and you become filled with the fullness of God, what follows is the next verse — God doing exceedingly abundantly above all that you can ask or think, according to the power that works in you. (Ephesians 3:20) You will experience the tremendous blessings of God exploding in your life! You will become a blessing magnet!

So as God’s beloved, continue to be nourished by His love for you, and experience more health, abundance and success in your life!

Thought For The Day
Being filled with the fullness of God is not about what you do, but about knowing how much God loves you.

In Christ I have conquered the world

I have conquered the world by faith in Jesus Christ. We are to walk as though we’ve died and gone to heaven. Who of us can really say that we walk this way ? If we did we would carry the power of heaven wherever we went. We’re supposed to live a back to front life. We represent the end from the beginning. We’re seated together with Him in heavenly places. So why don’t we represent Him properly ? conquered

There are many reasons for this. We haven’t come to the knowledge of the truth yet. We don’t accept the simplicity in Christ. We want to read volumes of books and ‘ work out our salvation with fear and trembling ‘ but this working out has an end. It has a time and a place where it comes to the knowledge of the truth. That as of the very first when you heard the gospel and believed you died and your life became hidden with Christ in God. You’re all Christs . Behave accordingly. You’re all called to save the world . Behave accordingly. I can’t instruct you to do this , you need to come to the knowledge of the truth. And that is .. you’re dead and He lives through you. Shine your light.

Jesus said ‘ Fear not for I have overcome the world ‘ . When we believe in Him we can say the same. You have overcome the world. Wear your earth suit in such a way that all it does is clothe your new reality. You’re dead and have been placed together with Christ in heaven. You can rule and reign. Happy day !


I don’t know if I have mentioned this before , but I’ll give it a try. Somewhere inside me a light is shining that wants to be revealed. Christ in Me wants to be made manifest. And …ok..let me just say what happened. Resurrection-copy

I was worshiping and I realized that we’ve got it back to front. We are there to receive something from God when in fact by just believing in the gospel we’ve already received we’ll start to give. There is nothing more to receive from God. We only need believe and give.

I realized that there are allot of people attending funeral services every Sunday in churches because they simply don’t get the gospel. They get allot of other things but they can’t smile and lack the Holy Spirit. We’ve a powerless church. A church without the power to change itself or the society in which we live.

Anway… So as I focus on this my Joy is enlarging and HE is shining more and more through me. We should be happy for His ( which is really ours too ) Victory. And that’s it.

Server Maintenance and the Holy Spirit

I managed to get the servers running smoothly again. I couldn’t understand why the sliders weren’t working as they should. You know , the slide show ontop of every blog , just about , in this entire network. I updated a few things and rebooted the servers. Worked like magic. Now everything is working as it should.


I went to a meeting on Thursday night. I was standing centrally and I started praising Jesus for everything He has done on my behalf. I realized that , wow ! , we’re not at a funeral service. We’re at a Holy Spirit meeting where everyone is there to both represent and receive Life from the future into the present. Jesus rose from the dead , so when we come together we’re there to commemorate His Life and Victory over death. ” Fear not for I have overcome the world ” , and yet despite this revelation when I told the people there they appeared somewhat bemused by what I said. They didn’t realize that I was referring to them. They got together and it looked to me like they were commemorating a funeral. Hands turned up and waiting to receive something from the Lord. Allot of people see things, and then share it but I seriously doubt that they’ve received anything from the Lord because they have frown lines and not smile lines. I may be oversimplifying things and perhaps they’re displaying some kind of mature spiritualism and perhaps I lack compassion for their state of being. I am just sick of it. I didn’t leave engineering to join a pitty party or a stress club. We’re all at different seasons and things aren’t rosey , I get that , but if we can’t make Jesus the one central piece in our lives that no body can touch we might as well pack up and go home.

Smile damn it ! stop questioning everything and working through your soul issues ! Your SOUL is supposed to be saved by simply believing that Jesus overcame it all for you. Do you ? Do you believe ? Then jump for JOY ! stop walking around and saying that you represent Jesus but behave more like you’ve just come from a funeral service.


Arthur Burke my backside.

Anyway , so I took this resolve to represent Him more closely home with me and I reset all my servers and the sliders started working. I cleaned out all the old junk and simply believed and everything fell into place for my servers. So … learn from it , or continue crying about how far you think you’ve grown . No one having drunk old wine immediately desires the new , for he says the old is better . Why are you so hell bent on the old ? because you think your own credit is better than imputed credit. Why can’t you simply believe and get into it ! You believe the soccer result from last week ? You didn’t battle to smile when your team one did you ? Then why is it so hard to smile and believe in what Jesus did when he went into the ring with satan and came out tops ? I’ll tell you why , it’s because you have an evil heart of unbelief. Oh , and stop calling yourself a prophet . The spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus. If you don’t rejoice in His victory you don’t have the correct Spirit with which to prophesy.

Hope I’ve rubbed some salt in your wounds. Salt heals and preserves. It’s all meant in love. Peace Peace.

Till next time.


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