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Moving forward

This little network is moving forward very slowly. A while ago I figured out how to play playlists in VLC player . I added it to OBS broadcasting software and vuwahlah … I have a tv station I can play 24 hours a day. The only problem I have now is , I need to get fibre going in the apartment I am broadcasting from because I don’t want to have wifi signals flying through the house 24/7… I have proven the concept. I can get a studio going , I have the know how… now all I need is to get the support going for the brand. Nikipress needs to become the biggest brand you’ve ever seen in your life. Anyway… if you click on ‘ my personal twitch stream ‘ on the main menu , you’ll get a taste of what can be done 24 hours a day. If Jesus doesn’t come back before then that is. you’ll see streaming on and off till I get the whole thing up and running.

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