( parts of this piece are from the Lord and some are from me , distinguish the difference at your own discretion )


I’ve been in church environments all my life and to be quite frank I don’t see God anywhere in them. All I see are self seeking hypocrites. Some who believe they’re cool and leave people believing lies and others who just want to hog the lime light.

Makes me sick to be quite frank. I don’t think people who go to church represent the kingdom of God as set out by Jesus Christ in the book of Mathew. They’re the blind leading the blind.

I remember once in standard 7 a girl at the youth took a liking to me but I didn’t want to be in a relationship with her. When I looked again I was punched in the stomach by a guy called Steven. Steven if you’re out there , you’re an idiot. Sandra if you are out there you’re putrid cow. Not in Christ however , there is some hope for you. Perhaps to be a great light in the kingdom but you people are who Jesus came for because your hearts are set on your own gain.

I’ve been approached in church so many times by women who want something from me. Do they see church as a place where you can just seek out and get what you want ? Perhaps but then they’ve missed the point.

Recently I was sought out by a prophetess who to be quite frank was seriously wired negatively upside her head. Someone who had preconceived ideas about how life should work and how a relationship between a man and a woman should work. A man wasn’t built to be a womans garden boy. He was built to have a help meet. A woman is supposed to be doing the helping.

We can’t go on like this. A church isn’t a place where you try and hook up , compare and do all sorts of stuff that should really be done in the world. Which leads me to believe that the Church is the world. It’s a religious world of ambition and conceit. Those on stage care nothing for those in the pews and those in the pews banter to those on the stage to try gain control. What’s even more disgusting is that so called prophets want to come up and give a word from God who can’t even say outright that God loves them. Psychopaths abound and there is collateral damage.

Prayer meetings are even more disgusting. One tries to impress another of their flowery words that go nowhere. Jesus said ” CLOSE YOUR DOOR AND PRAY ” !

These are the words I was called : Nut , a beautiful mind and all sorts by people who’s spiritual IQ is lower than their EQ. I am disgusted. The scum of the earth gather in church buildings. Jesus did NOT come to make a church . Even the word Church is pagan. Jesus didn’t come to honor Sunday worship. He came to create Disciples. So more closely approximated , find 12 and allow them to kill you. If you aren’t up to it, walk away. Count the cost. But this endless parade of bullshit called Christianity isn’t it. I don’t report to a pastor on my behavior toward my wife. Quite simply because it’s got nothing to do with him. Infantile people who need to always feel as if they’re in a school appreciate this hog wash system. Reporting to someone who really just sees you as a cash cow isn’t what Jesus died for.

I am livid. Have you no shame ? All of you ! Cornering innocent men and women for your groping desires , your selfish ambitions . Itchy ears coming to ‘ hear ‘ a word from the Lord. The word of the Lord is this. Start doing it or I’ll come tear your altars down and place you in Babylon. You will be a foreigner in your own country ! And don’t think it’s not coming. Have you no fear of ME ? Do you think you can practice deceit , conceit , sexual misconduct and think I don’t see. Do you not fear ME ? You should !

And yes the Gospel is unconditional love but don’t you fear that you haven’t already believed it ? I , Yes I , think it’s disgusting that you’ve taken the blood of the Lord and tread it underfoot as a common thing.

Your skirts get shorter , your lips plastered with red lipstick and your nails baked with nail varnish. You’ve no clue what it shouts. It says ” I am a prostitute ! ” . I have prostituted myself for the attention of mere men and I compare myself to other women. You might as well be lesbian. You’re a whore before my eyes! Repent !

You organize little tea parties and organize e-mailing lists to feed your own ego not MY purposes. You replicate the shame of Constantine over and over in your church like settings. You have no idea who I am neither do you know my heart. Repent ! Turn ! Taste and see that I AM who you need.

I came that you may assemble in an authentic way with one another and honor one another , one not higher than the other , one not leaching off the other but so that you can help each other ! Church ! ? I didn’t come for Church. I came to save the world , the church is the WORLD. I came that you may be called out from that whore. The one who’s foundation is mammon. Find ME in one another. Just believe what I’ve done for you and shine the light. Church ? I DIDN’T DIE TO REMOVE A TEMPLE SO YOU CAN ALL ERECT SHRINES OF THE SAME OR LARGER MAGNITUDE. THERE ARE MORE BUILDINGS BUILT IN MY NAME THAN HOMELESS PEOPLE IN THE STREET ! WAKE UP MY CALLED OUT ONES !

Do you really think that I came to establish what I died to tear down ? A building standing empty week after week where I get slaughtered week after week based on 1John. I came to set you free from Guilt . To remove you from an evil conscience toward ME. But you still don’t see !

You seem to think that people who don’t gyrate in my presence don’t know me. Perhaps I’ve burn’t all the DROSS out of them . Did you think of that ? No you’re too immature still drinking milk.

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