Glamour Spirit

People always trying to get you to believe there is something wrong with you , even to the point of using the bible against you. ‘ deliverance ‘ ministers of the female kind love to get you to believe their lies . Don’t date a woman who wants you to believe she holds the spiritual high ground.


I went to a little gathering at a house in menlo park Pretoria. I was singing and spent some time in the Spirit when I heard ‘ Yes ! ‘ . ‘This is what I died for ‘ said the Lord. I looked around me as I saw 15 people all singing and praising God and they were completely relaxed around one another. I found myself smiling and I realized that it is completely possible to be people of a different nature . We are family. And there is no reason to judge anyone. I imagined groups like this little one all over the country all allowing the Spirit of God to move into and through the group. I was crying as I felt the Spirit of the Lord descend on the group.


The leader of the group also heard the Lord say ‘ Yes ‘. I was so happy to finally feel as if I belonged somewhere. Church doesn’t do it for me. In this little group I found it easier to say something and to hear someone else say something. What we do in church on a Sunday isn’t what the Lord had intended. Somehow we need to get this revolution going in the right direction again. People should come together in celebration as I experienced this Sunday. Praise the Lord !


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