Call me Nick.

In order for things to work. Be the change you want to see in the world. So , I undertake to read scripture every morning till the light starts to shine in my life again. My dad’s passing has placed a tremendous strain on me that I’ve had to deal with.

I’d like to be a person that influences people. There is so much to do. In order for this to happen I’ve to allow Jesus to influence me. Part of the problem is that there are just too many platforms to use. It’s confusing to anyone that I talk to that this isn’t exactly something easy to understand. I’ve even been accused of trying to create an amway product. This isn’t amway. This is a way of life.

For the people who actually come and look at what I am writing here , I am sorry for wasting your time and not putting in the spiritual discipline needed in order to get this off the ground. I’ve an issue with the name as well. People have taken to calling me nicky. I am not Nicky. I am torn between what I want from people and what the vision is that I’ve received from the Lord. I am considering a name change. I’ll leave this up for now. But I am not going to live with people calling me Nicky. Do I look like a girl to you ?

My name is Nikolaos. And that’s that. Call me Nick.

Thank you.

Christians are impotent and Need to wake up

I’ve setup this network to invigorate the body of Christ. I’ve seen that when telling Christians about the network they just say , praise the Lord hope you succeed. But it isn’t I who must succeed. We must succeed. I find that they refuse to contribute to the vision with the exception of my sister and a few others I’ve received very little in the way of donations to keep this network running.

It’s cost so far 150000 dollars to make and only taken in about 150 dollars. This can’t continue. I’ve resolved to find my peace again and start selling this network by preaching the gospel. This is after all what it’s about. If people like my ministry and want to network with me then we can collectively change the world. I am sure of it. And I know it will work . But these ‘ christians ‘ who are suspicious of me had better repent. I wasn’t put on earth to cower to them or be led by them because every one of them , ministries I mean , fail to see an apostle. They see a potential member and cash cow. Sorry people.. You’ll all be shut down once I am done with you. Your wayward wanderings and misdirection of funds is going to come to a grinding halt once I put you all to shame.

No idle threat. I don’t think you quite realize just what storm is ready to come your way for I march in Victory , not defeat. I’ve already acquired the victory and I will be proclaiming it soon !

Be warned. Join me or fade away. These are your two choices.



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