End of going to church.

I am so tired of the NWO and their bullshit. They were supposed to only do this about 10 years from now. And they received a warning from an AI simulation called looking glass. In it they saw that they’ve lost the chess match against God. But true to form , they want to delay the victory and see how many people they can take down with them. Idiots.. real pieces of donkey shit.

And on another note. I am really tired of ‘ the body of Christ ‘ . Instead of seeing that I had the story straight and they had it wrong they continue with their shaming ways and plastic attitudes. I was a winner way before I was any member of any body of Christ. And in Christ I have experienced the highest victory I’ve ever experienced even more so than any academic acknowledgement I’ve ever received but this is enough now. I don’t owe losers my honour . I don’t see the benefit. I look down and pity their ignorance. Let them all go for their vaccinations and die like flies. I have had enough of them and their snake ways. All of them . I didn’t find very many loving and spiritual ones in the bunch. All their bullshit logic is wrong. Logic like you won’t find a perfect church because when you get there it’ll cease to be perfect which is absolute horse shit. I am perfect and anything I touch becomes perfect. Sick of their bullshit.

I don’t think I’ll be going to church anymore unless I am preaching. Haven’t got time for insults and morons. I tried to get them to form a resistance body . They’d have nothing to do with it. They didn’t want to join nikipress and I couldn’t get to express just how necessary this is . I wash my hands of them. And I will walk sovereignly into the distance .

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