Emotional Streaking

I’ve often wondered about what happens when people read your most intimate thoughts on the internet. Does it really matter what I write here. People are reading but do they really care ? Are they influenced. It’s crazy to write for a large audience and not quite be in the space you ought to be to write for a large audience.

I guess if the Lord is at the center of who you are then it doesn’t really matter what the world thinks. It’s really Him writing through me. But still. Sometimes it leaves me feeling like I am doing emotional streaking. The kind of streaking that would happen if you were to say take all your clothes off and run across a soccer field at half time. To expose one’s private life to the world is stupid. I don’t suppose I’ll be doing much more emotional streaking here . I think I’ll just show a few events and things I’ve noticed. But my private life will no longer be displayed here for all to see. It quite simply has got nothing to do with you.



So I decide to go see some airoplanes fly at kitty hawk.This particular man lost his left leg in an airoplane accident . Hope floats !

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