Embodiment of light and love

of hope and life – now dead
Soft sunlight streams down from above
Formsleeping a halo around her head.

The pale pure oval of her face
bends down in quiet grief
stretched across her lap in shadows deep
her son lies in a dream like
enfolded in her arm of grace

Oh pure sweet face of grief
and calm resignation
one hand turned down upwards
the fingers gently curved
in tender supplication.

Oh stark reality of death
Before the final transformation
Translucent beauty of her face
Beholden to this holy place.

M. Isebeel

Blog creating waves


Haha! I thought what I wrote here might create some waves. Well at any rate. At least I know the network reaches some people. The Nikipress.com project is moving forward and its creating followers. I’d love it if this blog was totally normal and ready to be read by everyone but it’s about my journey , so lets just leave it at that. Sooner or later my testimony is going to crystalize on this site and then it’s going to be a source of encouragement. I’ve been developing for so long that I think I’ve forgotten how to write.

I quite enjoy the idea of sharing where I am at and what I am doing with the rest of the world. Please excuse the previous posts where it may have come across that I am some kind of victim. If you’re going to be follow this blog you’ll also realize that I don’t quite believe that I am in control anyway. He ( God ) is Sovereign. I believe He is in charge.

And with that.. it’s time for me to hit the sack. It’s 12:52 in the evening…time for sleep.


Sometimes we wait for the the right time for our idea to catch on. People will call you a nut. People close to you will scorn you because you make them and their friends feel uncomfortable. People won’t get you. Don’t expect them to. Most are too thick skinned to care enough about what you’re trying to do. They’ll accuse you of being unfashionable. Someone who doesn’t have the manners required to represent the idea wholly and totally in a vivid fashion. Forget them, they’re what common sense will tell you are losers. They’ll pour over scriptures missing the point completely in their conceit and delusional state. They’ll seek to correct your every move, pull faces behind your back and call you names in public all because you don’t buy into their poverty world. I was born rich and convinced to be poor.

At any rate, don’t expect your parents, siblings or friends to get you. Not your wife or her clueless friends. Fact is when God says to do something you’re going to look like a nut. You’re going to sound like a nut. And you’re going to be called a nut. A nut like Noah who built an ark. A nut like Abraham who left his pagan roots to pursue a God that whispered to Him.

Yes you have to develop a thick skin. You need to be willing to take steps when you’re hurting. When you don’t buy people what they expect because you’re too busy conceptualizing your vision. You’ll be called a dufus to your face all because you can’t follow a conversation. You’ll be tired and worn out. But God doesn’t care who they are, He cares if you’re obedient to His vision and His call.

I’ve walked this road for 17 years and I will not be dictated to by Arthur Burke, Rebecca brown or any other wayward demonic relic hunter. If you can’t smile this side of the grave I don’t want to know you any way. Dust your feet off and move on but don’t try and stifle someone because he has moved passed the goose bump stage in his walk with God. I am passed pouring over the word wondering what is written there. A two year old can tell you.

So here I am, the nut, the loser, the one in a million chance person who is trying to ignite a fire that will blaze till way after he isn’t here anymore. I long to see people encourage one another and share their stories of triumph because they refused to say die. Because they refused to give buildings, demons and religious nuts their power. I long to give the world a light they can look to that embodies trust and hope and character. If you don’t want a world like this, dust your feet off and move on but I am building. He who doesn’t gather with me scatters. Join me or forget me but you’re going to feel me in this life because I didn’t come here to leave no legacy. I came here to give you something to remember me by.

Be blessed.

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