I am struggling . I don’t mind to admit it.

It’s like the real me is sitting in the upper right hand side of my mind and I can’t get him to express himself. When I started blogging I wanted to change the world through sharing testimonies about the greatness of God. I heard about blog burn out and I went overboard. I admit that. I worked so hard on blogging that I forgot the God of the blog.

I created a multisite because I thought it would be a great way for believers to come together in unity. To my dismay I don’t quite see people coming together to make the kingdom a reality on earth. People just don’t want to join the network. Perhaps I am not marketing it quite rightly.

I have discovered that I should consider two things. A name change and starting a ministry where I can invite pastors to join the network. Miracles signs and wonders but I don’t know if Nikipress is quite going to be the name of the network. People have taken to calling me Niki and it frustrates me to no end. Niki is a girls name when used on a guy . My name is Nikolaos. Call me Nick but not Niki. Please , where is your respect ?

So I’ve come up with two other names. I will just have to persevere. Two biblical names. I am also struggling with my dad’s passing away. The loss I feel is unbelievable. I know that he is in a better place but I am having to deal with issues he didn’t finalize.

Also.. no body finances this website. And without finances it’s just a black hole on my finances. ” We want a better world ” people cry but they don’t lift one finger to make it happen. They’re too busy chasing down their own pipe dreams which have no eternal value or immediate value except for to fuel their lust.

Sorry.. there doesn’t seem to be much victory in my post here today. If you like.. head on over to and donate. First read the vision. And then donate. if you don’t like the vision. Just leave. I wouldn’t know any better.

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