Royal taxi

Here’s the Royal Taxi , in purple , a royal colour. Majestic as she flies by , such a dream to watch. Listed on … the third of my NTF’s . Art is the communication of values and value not so ?


What good is a picture on open sea all on it’s own. It needs a companion. This is the second of my collection taken at the Wonderboom sky diving club just north of Pretoria. It’s digital art , so I have not developed this picture as I would a standard photo. I love being around the action. A very pink sky and a yellow parachute. Never seen one of those before. I guess being colour blind isn’t for all of us.

Royal Flyby – my first NFT on Open Sea

A flyby at an airshow in Pretoria South Africa . This being my first NFT , I thought I’d try a little funky manipulation of a photo I myself have taken. So there is 0 chance that this is somewhere else out there I love air shows. I love photography but most of all I love communicating. I chose the title Royal flyby because this particular plane is majestic when it does a flyby . She flies so slowly that it looks almost pedestrian. Purple is the colour of royalty. Back in the day purple was an extremely expensive colour to create.

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