Jesus Christ beaten looks like I feel.

I am working on this painting. It’s been almost a year since I started it. I just don’t seem to be flowing with my art . But if I slog away I’ll get there. Just so much going on that I got completely side tracked with all the lies. I guess it’s appropriate that I work on a painting of our lord Jesus Christ. I think He looks like I feel. All banged up and no where to go. Like , no j@b no fly. Pinned to a cross of sorts. No better way than to just work on a painting that helps you process those emotions. Constructive. Hopefully I can finish it this month.

It’s a new year

It’s a new year and a new year to make right . We must focus and believe that Jesus rose from the dead. Quite simply because He did. When we realize just what a miracle this is , we will take every word He said seriously. There will be no more fear and we won’t give in to Tyranny.

I watched a documentary recently where the shroud of Turin was investigated. There are more than just one image on the shroud. As Jesus rose from the dead He let off a series of energy bursts which led to more than one image recorded on the shroud.

It’s really the best documentary I’ve ever seen on the Shroud. Here it is.


So Guess what ? I am going to make this the core of my ministry. I am qualified to . So let’s go baby. We have the power. We have the victory.




Movies on Nikipress !!!

I launched a new movie site on the network. It’s a pity the world is turning into shit , because I can see how this vision could have come to fruition had we been given more time. The end is near I guess. And that’s sad for some of us. Because it’s costing lives as this evil agenda is being rolled out.

At any rate. The site address is . There you will find many movies that I’ve selected to get the site some content at first. Some good one’s there. I’ll try to add some every week.

There is just too much to keep track of. People were supposed to be helping me with all this content. Can’t afford to pay anyone . So I’ve got to slog it ahead on my own. I see people not being able to really do much these days. They’re all like robots.

Slogging away

I was going through the many different dashboards of nikipress and I stumbled across one in wordpress. It said I have 18 people subscribing to this blog. I had no idea just how many people had been reading my rumblings. It’s good to know people are reading what you write. Perhaps they are getting something out of it. This network is all over the place. It’s on LBRY , it’s on Bitchute . It’s even on .

I’ve been plugging away anti-jab content over on LBRY and bitchute for almost two years now. I haven’t been giving this blog the attention it deserves. I don’t know if people are still reading it or even have the time with the way the world is going now. I am still after the victory in Christ that we all have earned for us on the cross. I would like nothing more than to see it enforced by Jesus himself.

Try the above link just to see what I’ve been involved in. We’re in a war , and we need to accept that we have won it in Christ. But we must warn people of the dangers of the j@b. The evil that the world is trying to enforce on us is even worse than I imagined it when I started this blog.

Just watch this and try to understand what is truely happening. The first bit is Greek but the content he refers to is English.

Thanks for reading

Warm Regards


My ex from 6 years ago

” You need to learn some manners. No one likes you. You don’t dress well, talk well , behave well. You aren’t good enough for me  ” was the message she kept sending me. Such a person is not to be entertained. I wasted 4 months of my life for nothing. Well not nothing. At least I know what I don’t want in a person now.

Nikipress Hits 100 000 views on Bitchute

Nikipress has hit 100 000 views on Bitchute. In this landscape of fear that’s not bad going. Especially when you’re not doing anything wrong. The uploads are gleaned off facebook or youtube and posted for fear that they’d be sensored . We shouldn’t live in a world where lies become the foundation of whatever new world they want to build. We need to counter this with the truth. They obviously want to reduce the worlds population. They don’t like channels that love people and want the best for them. They’re evil to the core. We’re up against the darkness with our backs to the wall. But this is a small victory and should be celebrated.

7 signs of a repentant abuser

When catching someone out with pornography you can and should expect these 7 signs showing how the betrayed spouse should expect. Not receiving emails for 7 months after a breakup. Total disrespect for boundaries. Total lying piece of donkey shit. They should be willing to take critical feedback. Compulsive compartmentalization and other interesting things you can find out by listening to this video.



What are we allowed to safely do ?

There are some evil people on the earth today . One’s that don’t care about what we care about. They came from our ranks but a few generations removed from us and they can barely remember the struggle. The mercy their ancestors craved and got is now forgotten. They have forgotten their roots. Evil ideology from ancient organizations of the order of the snake. That evil deceiver of old. Known in many cultures and even embraced by some. It is this insidious snake that we’ve been wrestling all our lives. The one that provides false impressions and needs. The one that removes us from our state in the natural order of things that relies on emotions and lies. The one that makes you feel like you’re the virus on the planet and should be wiped out so that all living things would go on unabated. Total lies from the pit of hell !

I created this network so that I and others would be able to express the truth and encourage each other world wide. I may have over reached my grasp. I don’t know if anyone even hears my plea.

Well here’s my offer. Make me president and you won’t regret it. I am that sure about it. You might believe when I take power by the word that the media will spread about me that I am the most backward hill billy out there. Even as I undertake to remove every pothole from your roads and improve every school and hospital in the world they would still find some mud to sling at me.

But this is how I feel about the matter. I watch how masses of people vote for someone that isn’t even worthy of licking my shoes into power. People who have no concern for others , people who lie . People who have no qualifications worth mentioning are given power by a system that is corrupt. We are headed for the dark ages by our own doing. We have not cared about respect or honor . We cared more about the gossip we could propagate and the measure of wealth in material terms. But those of us who could have made great leaders we have abandoned because we only cared about our house and our well being. We’ve given our responsibilities to others who will not take care of us.

And it is the threat of these self same people that now threaten to remove every last vestige of free and scientific speech from the face of the earth. You continue to follow them and don’t care.

I need your support if I am to change anything about the way things are going. If I don’t receive support soon it’ll be too late and we will be doomed. This is probably the most sincere message you’ve ever read. If you’d like to support me here is the link where you can contribute LBC towards the cause of victory over darkness.$/invite/ 

Create an account with LBRY using the invite link$/invite/$/invite/ and offer some support towards the collective well being of the world.

Nikipress Statistics Go Ape

The stats on nikipress went ape last night for the first time since I created this site. I am pleased to see the server doing what it was designed to do. The site received 6000 hits in two days . Generally speaking ofcourse. I’ll place some statistics here .

The most visitors were from the USA. They’re concerned about the election results. Most of the visitors came from duckduckgo ..which just goes to show that people are ditching google. I was booted off facebook but my post managed to get 2000 referrals within facebook. So what good does it do to ban me from facebook ?

Pleased at the results of how the server is functioning.

New platforms needed.

I find myself posting video’s . We’re in a war of words. I don’t even know how safe it is to be so open about what I do. This is becoming a war on my identity and what I believe. I feel like we’re losing the war because people are so addicted to facebook , twitter and youtube. The mainstream of society don’t know anything different. As long as it’s free that is all they care about. What are we going to do ?
I have tried to find an avenue of expression but having a website doesn’t quite cut it because people aren’t going to leave the comfort of their platform to come view my webpage. But if someone would just make a search engine that works like facebook then we can each have our own websites , post what we want but all be linked on that search engine. Wish I knew more about web design .

We have and…but we need more. There is also Brighteon which I’ve joined but couldn’t care a less about. When we post on these platforms it seems like we’re preaching to the choir. We need our own conservative free platforms. The only way we’re going to get them is to pay for them. Free stuff always costs you something in the end.

The truth is going to come out but will it be too late ? I hear what they’re planning on doing to us and I cringe. I knew they would eventually back us into a corner.

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