Everything will be perfect

I’ve been accused of triumphalism. So be it. And if you think I am a nut, I’d rather you be more like me than I lose my joy and become as miserable as you. Wake up , you’ve only got one life to live.

Where is the love ?

Ok . what is good news ?

It’s something that should have turned out negatively but is now instead a cause for celebration. That’s one perspective at least. There are others , like , being thankful for something. Perhaps coming to the realization that things really aren’t as bad as all that. What about , thinking that something was a curse but instead was God’s way of just preventing something worse from happening ?

Our God is not easily understood. He says, ‘ if your eye causes you to sin , cut it out ‘ . So have any of you lost an eye ? perhaps it wasn’t something you’d wish on your worse enemy but because of it , you couldn’t look left when that sexy lady walked past and would have put you in a downward spiral through her lies and deceit . I don’t think our God wants us walking around without eyes though. He also meant to show us that it’s just about impossible to walk around not sinning without Him. But should you have lost an eye , this could have a weird philosophical positive spin perhaps. What he meant was , people without hope will think their neighbors spouses are more appealing than their own. So, have HOPE , don’t wait till you lose your eye !

black eyed peasI thought , in my naevity that people would want to blog with me . I thought people would jump at the chance at sharing hope in a hopeless world . To me it’s obvious. We are stuck in today and we can’t see tomorrow. If we showed people that there is a tomorrow then this dark cloud would lift and we would move towards it. But we are paralized , this is the effect of bad news. Bad news creates fear , and apathy. It robs people of their dreams. I thought that people would jump at the chance to share hope with each other. I was mistaken perhaps. To me , even someone dying while defending his family is good news. To others its hopeless. I see a light. I see someone willing to sacrifice his life for others.

I know the world is facebook and twitter crazy. I just wanted people not to be corralled into a facebook pen where they hold you hostage. For one thing, if I had to open up this network to the world , it would be invaded by satanists and disgruntled atheists. I don’t have all the answers ok. But I just thought. If we stood together and shared our faith , the world would be a better place. That is what this network was built for. I find myself over revved and hard pressed on all sides. Churches don’t want to join the network because they can’t see the vision. I’ve been told that I need to market it correctly. I’ve been told that this ministry isn’t from God. I don’t have all the answers but I do know this. If you can’t see it you’re not saved and I feel sorry for you.

I won’t carry on pressing this network forever. If I don’t get support , I’ll moth ball it. I’ve got better things to do than to maintain a network in the hope that you’ll wake up. There are many channels you can use to contact me if you wanted to join . I see nothing. Perhaps God meant that it was for an appointed time.

I am not giving up though. But I am tired and disappointed at the apathy the body of christ has sunk into. God is Love . Where is the love ?


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