The point

Some people study and become lawyers others study and get the point. I’ve met so many people who don’t...

Tainted Heroes Full Documentary

Tainted Heroes Documentary.

I sometimes wonder if I should change the focus of from good news , to truth. There has to be a place for truth. I have all the right machinery to make it possible. Or perhaps I should buy another domain just for this purpose.


I am just in awe of what Elon Musk has managed to do. The safe return of the booster rockets to earth is such an inspiration for people who love to make things happen. Well done Elon !



I think I’ve found a solution to the problem. I am going to look into creating a crytocurrency for Nikipress. This way it’ll challenge people to participate in the currency through mining of tokens/ coins and those very coins can be used to pay for journalists to find the news for the network.

Words cloud with Blockchain

Currency is life and life is currency.

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