Lifes ups and downs

In life we should learn early on who we are. Take the time out to find out what our talents are. We don’t usually want to accept who God made us to be. Why? Because we care too much what people think of us. I was told to study PR. Never did. But if I think about it all I’ve ever done really well is create good impressions. Help people out of their messes by creating a good impression for them. Whether it’s by helping them with a school assignment or helping them out of a bind because of what they’ve done. The work of an advocate in some sense. But we have an advocate with the father. Jesus Christ the righteous. So to come to think of it I was Christ like defending and promoting people, processes and situations.

I am in a cue at the Centurion municipality and I’ve got nothing else to do. So I thought I would write something on my blog. Perhaps one day I’ll call it a Vlog. Would be nice, if certain people would stop interfering with how I do things..

I have noticed that when I tell people about my news network that they want to join. I don’t have the mental capacity to add and track a deciple at the moment. But wouldn’t it be great to have people on board who would look for testimonies and use their cameras for good. Why must it always be about money. People should want to blog without compensation.

Still waiting to be served.

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