The Body of Christ

Christ , King Priest and Prophet .

I long to see the body of Christ manifest on the earth. And you should too !

The recipe is quite simple. It’s start with the gospel and never leave it. And the gospel isn’t a bunch of theological exegesis’s of the bible. It’s the simple fact that Jesus took upon His body all of your sins , died to pay the price for these self same sins and rose again. And that’s it. Nothing more nothing less. A God-man who died for your sins and came back from the dead. Believe this , and you’re saved.

The problem is , we have all of the church world preaching ‘ the word ‘ with few results. I am frustrated at this spaghetti movement. And I blame people like Derek Prince and many others who just speak plain shit , please excuse my language. You don’t carry a blood line curse . If you believe the plain truth of the paragraph I just stated above , you’re set free from your family tree. But there are a few bastards , bitches and whores out there , who think that their head knowledge is required in order to impress on others just how much they know theologically. They’ll answer to God for sure. Let anyone who preaches any other gospel other than the one I have just stated above be cursed. And that’s it.

Now.. if we’re on the same page , people who believe said truth two paragraphs above , will be new creatures in Christ. They will through this repentance process and each have a testimony. Now the bible says that , we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimonies. We need to share good news with each other folks. It’s that simple. We don’t need your theology seriously. We need your faith in God and your resulting testimony !

Ok .. now that I’ve vented for the umpteenth time. I’ll let you go.

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