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I’ve had about enough of churches and their ways. I don’t think they’re for one minute interested in expanding...

The Body and the Blood

Focus on Jesus and His shed blood. And you’ll see the word become manifest to you. You’ll understand the word in a way you’ve never understood it before. Jesus died so you can live. He died so you can find true life. Your life may now be linked to the area you live in. If you conceive of leaving that area you shudder. You don’t want to go live with poor people. You have made your area your God and you’re working for it.


” How much more severely do you think someone deserves to be punished who has trampled the Son of God underfoot, who has treated as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified them, and who has insulted the Spirit of grace? ” – Hebrews 10:29

Jesus died so you can be made righteous. Reason being , all the things you chase you think will make you righteous or give you a feeling of security acceptance and love might do so in the short term but in the long term will only kill you. Accept His offer of salvation and give up all the images you’re chasing. If it’s that guy you want , drop it and accept Jesus instead because that guy may leave you or die. If it’s that area you want to live in , it could be overrun by drug dealers , who incidentally make more money than you. What kind of a neighbor do you want to rub shoulders with ? Matters not. You get the idea. Only Jesus will satisfy you. His blood shed will set you free. His blood destroys any separation you may believe separates you from the love you’re seeking . It covers the law so that there is no accuser standing before God right now telling God what you’ve done. Satan doesn’t have the right , the legal right to accuse you before God right now. And if there are any people teaching you this non sense , drop it. Satan can accuse you but God sees the blood of His son. God is Love, He doesn’t avenge but if you’re going to come to God one day and say you’ve not accepted and been thankful of His son’s blood you’re not going to get any sympathy because YOU KNEW AND DIDN’T BELIEVE. Don’t come to me and say ‘ it’s so hard to believe God loves me’ ..It is very easy to believe that Nike loves you or Mercedes or any other such idol..How much easier is it then to believe that God loves you by his Son Jesus Christ ! ?

I never saw Mercedes Benz die on a cross for me. Or Tag Heuer , or Empiro Armani. Really ?  So it’s hard to believe Jesus loves you ? I don’t think you’ve fully evaluated Jesus and His finished work. Get studying ! BIBLE ONLY PEOPLE !


Youth Worship

I went to a youth worship evening last night where I took some interesting pictures. They put on a very heart touching skit. It was good to get out and de-stress .

worship service


Server rockin

server rocking

Sometimes things just happen on this network I can’t explain. I see the bandwidth rocket. People keep watching.. a good sign. Notice the blue and yellow in the picture above. It lasted almost 20 hours..and then… ended..but it was great to see it working.

server rocking2

Forgiveness is divine

This morning I woke up in a very lonely place. Someone told someone close to me something and now I am in the dog box. I don’t know why , but these things happen. I feel cut off , shut out and very lonely. It’s not my fault or perhaps it is but I can’t figure out what I may have said. I have an idea about who gossiped but I can’t be sure.


Now I have a choice. I can search for the culprit and spend allot of energy doing it or I can find it in my heart to forgive. Finding it in my heart to forgive is the critical part. But I am supposed to have a new heart , a heart of flesh. I have to find it in my heart to forgive because I am forgiven. I have to concentrate on the I am forgiven part. It is something you receive from Jesus. I cannot look at it any other way. If I try to forgive in order to receive the forgiveness of Jesus I am setting myself up to fail. Because with my old heart I can not forgive divinely. And it boils down to a work. From then on I can say , ‘ I am so great, this situation worked out because I forgave ‘ . So where does God then get the glory ? The only logical thing to do is to accept His forgiveness till you realize that you have enough love with which to forgive. I am a new creation. I have to accept this fact and focus on it. Trust it . And then I’ll relent from looking for the culprit.

Anyway, I am a little disappointed in people. It’s almost as if when I started creating this site all the demons of hell were let lose to torment me. Everyone close to me turned on me. I was called names by my neighbors. My friends deserted me. My ex called me psycho. My pastor laughed at me. It makes me conscious of the fact that the world is full of unrighteousness. I’ll just have to be the righteous one . Prepare the cross. We all have a cross. And the unrighteous one’s also have one . They just don’t know it yet. We are like lambs led to the slaughter.

I pray we’ll see one day that if we all embrace the cross we will all be like lambs to each other. And if we all understand the Gospel we’ll finally act as ambassadors of His Grace instead of our own religious egotistical self efforts.

Have a hum dinger of a day !

Bless you

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