Sometimes we wait for the the right time for our idea to catch on. People will call you a nut. People close to you will scorn you because you make them and their friends feel uncomfortable. People won’t get you. Don’t expect them to. Most are too thick skinned to care enough about what you’re trying to do. They’ll accuse you of being unfashionable. Someone who doesn’t have the manners required to represent the idea wholly and totally in a vivid fashion. Forget them, they’re what common sense will tell you are losers. They’ll pour over scriptures missing the point completely in their conceit and delusional state. They’ll seek to correct your every move, pull faces behind your back and call you names in public all because you don’t buy into their poverty world. I was born rich and convinced to be poor.

At any rate, don’t expect your parents, siblings or friends to get you. Not your wife or her clueless friends. Fact is when God says to do something you’re going to look like a nut. You’re going to sound like a nut. And you’re going to be called a nut. A nut like Noah who built an ark. A nut like Abraham who left his pagan roots to pursue a God that whispered to Him.

Yes you have to develop a thick skin. You need to be willing to take steps when you’re hurting. When you don’t buy people what they expect because you’re too busy conceptualizing your vision. You’ll be called a dufus to your face all because you can’t follow a conversation. You’ll be tired and worn out. But God doesn’t care who they are, He cares if you’re obedient to His vision and His call.

I’ve walked this road for 17 years and I will not be dictated to by Arthur Burke, Rebecca brown or any other wayward demonic relic hunter. If you can’t smile this side of the grave I don’t want to know you any way. Dust your feet off and move on but don’t try and stifle someone because he has moved passed the goose bump stage in his walk with God. I am passed pouring over the word wondering what is written there. A two year old can tell you.

So here I am, the nut, the loser, the one in a million chance person who is trying to ignite a fire that will blaze till way after he isn’t here anymore. I long to see people encourage one another and share their stories of triumph because they refused to say die. Because they refused to give buildings, demons and religious nuts their power. I long to give the world a light they can look to that embodies trust and hope and character. If you don’t want a world like this, dust your feet off and move on but I am building. He who doesn’t gather with me scatters. Join me or forget me but you’re going to feel me in this life because I didn’t come here to leave no legacy. I came here to give you something to remember me by.

Be blessed.

The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy

There is allot we can learn from this truth. Found in the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. We can draw inspiration from the testimony of Jesus in the new testament. Jesus died and he came back from the dead. This is indeed good news. When we consider all the implications of this we can consider the statement ” If God can do it for Him He can do it for me too ” . The inspiration we draw from the witness accounts of Jesus’s death burial and resurrection is the Spirit of Prophecy .

We lay aside the weight and the sin that so easily ensnares us and we look to Jesus for the resurrection and the life. In Him. Cause , really , when I look closely at Jesus’s death on the cross we will see that Jesus really died as me. He took the punishment for my sin as me and rose again as me. So when we have faith in Jesus Christ,it is really like having faith in something that God has already done on my behalf.

I am healed and seated with Christ in heavenly places !  This the reality of our being on earth. Live as though this has already been accomplished.

My God is awesome !

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Published on 25 Apr 2014

‘Look Up’ – A spoken word film for an online generation. Subscribe for more videos:

‘Look Up’ is a lesson taught to us through a love story, in a world where we continue to find ways to make it easier for us to connect with one another, but always results in us spending more time alone.

Written, Performed & Directed by Gary Turk.

Featuring Louise Ludlam & Stuart Darnley.
Original score by New Desert Blues.
Sound engineering by Daniel Cobb.
Filmed and edited by Gary Turk.

Check the lyrics here:…

Copyright © 2014 Gary Turk
All Rights Reserved


” I really hope this post appears in the activity feed. Let’s see … I think there is so much testing to do 🙂 All in good time. ”

When someone is as ambitious as I am , every step in the right direction brings a thrill uncommon in daylight hours. And I mean this in the literal sense of the word because I did most of the development for nikipress in the early morning hours before the sun came up.

Hope is something we experience every day. We know the sun goes down and yet it still comes up again the next day. We know this to be true and a wise life relies on this fact to better utilize the time allotted to us on this earth. Hope is an action we take anticipating an outcome we know has every possibility to manifest. Hope and faith work hand in hand.

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