PhD through publication

I have decided to pursue a PhD in faith . It was when I was about 10 years old that I told my class teacher that I was going to become a doctor. She told the school principal and the next day I was summoned to her office for a chat. I got there nervously wondering what the reason was for my being summoned.

I was asked  ‘ So , I hear you want to become a doctor ? ‘ . I said ‘ yes  ‘ . She said ‘ you can’t be a doctor ‘ . I asked ‘ why ? ‘ . ‘ You’re too stupid ‘she replied  . I said ‘ I am only 10 , I will get smarter as I get older ‘ . ‘ You’ll never be smart enough ‘ . I looked at her anxiously and asked ‘ Can I be a dentist then ? ‘ . She said , ‘ No , they study the same thing ‘ .

I remember leaving that office feeling dejected and depressed. The next day I decided that I was going to prove to her that I am not too stupid to be a doctor. I struggled my entire school career to prove to myself that I was clever enough to be a doctor but never quite could prove to myself that I was good enough.

Anyway , this morning I was thinking. I can become a doctor . I found a few places where you can do submit a publication for review consisting of articles that have been written on a certain topic of up to 100 000 words. It’s another way to get a PhD . And what harm could it do ? Faith comes by hearing right ? The more we focus on faith the more of it we will have and that’s just good for everybody.

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