Right on my Twitch Stream

Still wondering what this streaming thing is all about. I’ve been streaming for a couple months now. Just waiting for that breakthrough. Not quite connecting with my audience.

Today I sent out a mail chimp letter. Hopefully that’ll hit a home run. Not holding my breath.

I am streaming right now. I just would like it if I could explain my vision to people and see what they think. Would require many many many fans. Together we can change the world. A steady income would create good deeds and employment right around the world. This is my vision. A focused approach to streaming. Gather all those good news stories all over the world and pool them on nikipress.com.

Still waiting for my usual follower Donnie_Lucifer. Great guy. Ok so how does this vision go ? Perhaps you can look at www.nikipress.com/about . So … what are people looking for ? I believe people are looking for someone they can trust to not lie to them and do what is best for everyone concerned. End corruption and psychopathy.


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