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I was going through the many different dashboards of nikipress and I stumbled across one in wordpress. It said I have 18 people subscribing to this blog. I had no idea just how many people had been reading my rumblings. It’s good to know people are reading what you write. Perhaps they are getting something out of it. This network is all over the place. It’s on LBRY , it’s on Bitchute . It’s even on .

I’ve been plugging away anti-jab content over on LBRY and bitchute for almost two years now. I haven’t been giving this blog the attention it deserves. I don’t know if people are still reading it or even have the time with the way the world is going now. I am still after the victory in Christ that we all have earned for us on the cross. I would like nothing more than to see it enforced by Jesus himself.

Try the above link just to see what I’ve been involved in. We’re in a war , and we need to accept that we have won it in Christ. But we must warn people of the dangers of the j@b. The evil that the world is trying to enforce on us is even worse than I imagined it when I started this blog.

Just watch this and try to understand what is truely happening. The first bit is Greek but the content he refers to is English.

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